Monday, November 29, 2010

Acting is Dangerous

When we first started working on the play, I thought the psychological aspects would be the toughest. I’m lucky that my character is generally benign, and I don’t have to shoot, bludgeon, or rape anyone. Or be shot, bludgeoned, or raped. Of course we had lots of conversation during the rehearsal process about how we felt about the different scenes and how to get through them. At this point, we are actually able to have fun and just take the ride of the play.

But wow, we are fucked up physically! Charlotte comes to the theater with frozen corn strapped to her lower back, which is messed up from all the wrestling and throwing herself down on the ground. Allen stove-piped his thumb in the fight scene with Jered, so it’s all swollen and black and blue. And I dare you to dig your fingers into anyone’s shoulders. We have knots the size of grenades in there.

As a dancer I’m used to physical injuries, but this play is hard on the body, dude. We are still loving it, but seriously looking forward to a super hot bath on December 5.

--Amy Smith Jane Fonda/Jane

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